Agility Course Design Software
Screen Shots

Screen shots showing a small agility course being designed. Hover over the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

Start This is the window displayed when Purple Trails Agility is first launched.
New After entering the field size, field color, selecting to display grid lines, and grid spacing via the properties menu, NEW was selected on the file menu resulting in this window showing an empty agility course field.
Triple By selecting an obstacle from the tool bar, in this case a winged ascending triple jump, you can then click on the field to place the selected obstacle.
Rotate and Move You can move an obstacle on the field by dragging it with the mouse and you can rotate it by dragging one of the corners with the mouse.
In between On the way to making a course an A-Frame and Teeter-Totter have been added along with repositioning the triple jump.
Property Typical property box for obstacles (this one is for the teeter-totter), which can be accessed by right clicking an obstacle or from the menu bar, allows you to set your own sizes and colors for obstacles to match the type of animal and equipment you are using. The property box can also be used to position and rotate an obstacle.
Full A course with information items (start line, finish line, and path with distance) and obstacles (pause table, closed tunnel, weave poles, single jump, tunnel, tire jump, and water jump) placed on the course to complete it.