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Parts Needed

List of parts I need for my AMX. It is no where near complete. There are many parts I have purchased that are not on the list. There are also many parts, especially interior, that I need but have not listed yet. If there is a price after the part that means I have already acquired it.


Bullseye Emblem $95 California Classics Inc.
Drip rail molding (both sides) $60 Borgo
Grille & AMX mesh $250 Dan Sharer
Front spoiler $250 Kennedy American
Wheels 15" 8 slot, trim rings, and volcano caps $400 Chuck Chasas
Wheel center caps $19.95 Ebay
Rubber scraper on windows $? Kennedy American
Side marker lights $50 Ebay


Master Cylinder $30/$37.99 Checker Auto Parts/O'Reilly
Cowl induction air cleaner $295.01 Ebay
Charcoal canister $15 Borgo
Windshield washer reservoir & Pump $80 Kennedy American
Wiper motor
Power steering pump $55 O'Reilly Auto Parts
Exhaust manifolds $102.50 Ebay
Motorcraft 4300 carburetor (tag=3TM4) $? Ebay


Grab handle
Center console for Hurst 4 speed shifter
Armrest cups $19 American Parts Depot
Wire rear seat entry $1.49 Menards (Picture hanging wire)
Headlight switch knob $5 Swap meet
Drivers door handle mechanism
Kick panel extension on drivers side $20 Ebay
Trim on right rear panel (around window crank)