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Instructions for building a A-Frame which is basically a ramp going up connected to a ramp going down. The A frame is 4 feet long and 16 inches wide.

This is the A-Frame you will be building.

The Humans

Step 1 is to cut out the two ramps. Cut a 4x8 piece of ¼" thick plywood into a strip 16" wide by 8' long. Then cut the strip into two pieces 16" wide by 4' long.

Step 2 cut from one of the 1x3 furring strips two 14" pieces.

Step 3 Attach the 14" furring strip pieces with 8 #8x" wood screws onto one edges of both ramps. The screws go throught the ramps sections into the furring strip and need to be countersunk.

Step 4 Cut the carpet so that it fits over the center section with a slight overlap.

Step 5 Cut two furring strips in half (4 4' pieces should be the result).

Step 6 Clamp one of the 4' pieces of furring strip onto one of the edges of one of the ramps with the carpet between the ramp and the furring strip (see image). If you have a finish nailer/staple gun use that to attach the furring strip from the bottom of the ramp section. Do the same on the other side of ramp and repeat the entire process for the other ramp. Alternatively you can attach with 1½" deck screws. I suggest using a nail/staple/screw for every half foot.

Step 7 Lay the end of the two ramp sections with the 1x3 furring strip attached together, bottom sides up. Attach a set of door hinges onto the furring strips between the ramps.

Step 8 Trim any excess carpet off with a utility knife.

 Step 9 Cut two one foot pieces of 4x4.

Step 10 You are done with the build and the ramps can be folded together for storage.

Step 11 For usage place the 1' 4x4 pieces under the hinged area and lay the ramps down.

Part Qty. Ea. Total
4'x8'x¼" sheet plywood 1 $15.97 $15.97
1"x3" furring strips 5 $0.85 $2.55
Hinges (door-2 pack) 2 $2.78 $5.56
4x4 1 $6.37 $6.37
#8x3/4" wood screws 10 $0.05 $0.50
#6x1-1/2" deck screws 18 $0.05 $0.90
Carpet sq. ft. 12 $0.49 $5.88
Subtotal     $37.73
Sales tax     $2.83
Labor hrs 8 $0.00 $0.00
Total     $40.56
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