When I was taken to my first agility class I thought I was the only rabbit in the world that had to endure this frightful horrible training. So I did an internet search on rabbit agility and lo and behold I am not the only rabbit doing this, there are many others, so  I created some links so you could see other rabbits that are involved in agility. After the first couple classes I discovered agility was not all that awful and was actually kind of fun.


Animal Humane Society
Animal Humane Society (Rabbit agility class information)
All about rabbits, rabbit hopping (bunny show jumping) and rabbit care by Bjerner
Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society
Adele the agility rabbit
Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club
Rabbit Agility What's that book by Dell Robbins
Clicking with your Rabbit book
Rabbit Show Jumping
Nelsey Family Rabbit Agility
United States Rabbit Agility Association