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These are the instructions and parts list for building an Arch Jump that combines both a 18" diameter and 24" diameter arch.  The completed arch is shown below.  The bars are easily dislodged reducing the possibility of rabbit injuries like some that have slots cut into the arch to hold the bars.

Cut out arch jump half

The Humans

Arch layoutStep 1: Start by marking a 4' x 4' x ½" sheet of plywood with cutting and positioning lines. You will draw four concentric circles with radiuses of 7½", 9", 12", and 13". You can put a nail in the center of the board, attach a non stretching string to the nail and a pencil on the other end to draw the circles.

Step 2: Using a protractor mark angles at every 22.5 (e.g. 0, 22.5, 45, 67.5, 90, 112.5, etc...) all the way around the circle. Draw a line from the inner circle to the outer circle in these position.

Cut out arch jump half Step 3: Cut out the pieces using a jig saw for the circular parts and a circular saw to slice in half.  The dark lines in the drawing are what needs to be cut; sliced in half, outer circle, and inner circle. After cutting you can sand the inner and outer circles.

Feet Step 4: Cut 8 pieces 5" long from the 1x2 1x3 furring strips for the feet. I have determined the 1x2 furring strips are not big enough to keep the arch from tipping over, so I suggest using at least 1x3 furring strips for the feet.

Step 5: Drill two small holes in each foot all the way through the long ways then drill a hole large enough for your screwdriver half way through over the top of the small holes. Stagger the screw holes so the screws on the opposite side do not interfere with one another.

Attach feet Step 6: Attach feet to arch halves with 1¾" deck screws.

Tubing Tubing Step 7: Drill 5/32" holes at the points indicated in green on the step 1 diagram. The distance between the points is 7/8". Instead of making the holes level the inner hole should be raised above the outer on the lower bars to keep the rabbits from knocking off the bars when they approach the arch as shown in the diagram. The holes do not go at the intersection of the circles and lines but below to account for the height of the cross bars. Insert a machine screw through each hole.  Use the fish aquarium air line to cover each screw leaving an inch or so of tube past the end of the screw. The tube will hold the screw in place while offering protection against eye gouge.


See building Jump Standards for information on building the cross bars.

Part Qty. Ea. Total
4'x4'x½" sheet plywood 1 $7.97 $7.97
1x3 furring strips 1 $0.85 $0.85
#8x1¾" deck screws 16 $0.05 $0.80
Machine screws #8-32 x 2" 56 $0.10 $5.60
Vinyl tube (aquarium air) 2.44mm 8ft. 1 $3.00 $3.00
Subtotal     $18.22
Sales tax     $1.18
Labor hrs. 3 $0.00 $0.00
Total     $19.40
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