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This is the bridge you will be building. It folds up into a neat package 3' long, 1.5' high, 6" deep. It will easily fit in the trunk or backseat of a small car. It is light with a handle for easy carrying. Have fun building.

The Humans

Step 1 is to cut out the base for the center and both end sections. Cut off a 1'x2' piece from the end of the 2'x4' sheet of plywood, this is waste material, then cut the remaining piece into two 1'x3' pieces and finally cut one of the 1'x3' pieces into two 1'x1.5' pieces.

Step 2 cut one of the 1x3 furring strips into 7-1' pieces.

Step 3 Attach the 1' furring strip pieces with 8 #8x3/4" wood screws onto the edges of each section from step 1 additionally one furring strip piece should be placed in the middle of the center section. The screws go throught the sections into the furring strip and need to be countersunk.

Step 4 Cut one edge of each end section at a 15° angle and both ends of the center section at a 15° angle.

Step 5 Clamp the center section and end sections together in the closed form then attach 2 hinges onto each end between the center section and an end section.

Step 6 Cut the remaining two 1x3 furring strips into two pieces 1.5' long and one piece 3' long, these will form the side rails.  Connect one set of these pieces onto the sides of the center section and end sections with 4 #6x1-1/2" wood screws for the center section and 2 screws for each end section. Flip the unit and connect the side rails in the same manner.

Step 7 Place the screen door handle onto one of the center section side rails.

Step 8 Use the draw latches as locks connecting one end to an end section and the other to the center section.

Step 9 Cut the carpet into two 1.5'x1' sections and one 3'x1' section.

Step 10 Cut the 1/2x3/4 quarter round into four 1.5' pieces and two 3' pieces.

Step 11 Use the quarter round pieces and the 4Dx1-1/2" nails to fasten the carpet to the base.

Part Qty. Ea. Total
2'x4'x3/8" sheet plywood 1 $4.97 $4.97
1"x3" furring strips 3 $0.85 $2.55
1/2"x3/4" qt. pine wall trim 12 $0.34 $4.08
Hinges 2" narrow (2 pack) 2 $2.78 $5.56
Screen door handle 1 $2.79 $2.79
Draw latches 2 $2.38 $4.76
#8x3/4" wood screws 40 $0.05 $2.00
#6x1-1/2" wood screews 28 $0.05 $1.40
Carpet sq. ft. 12 $0.49 $5.88
4Dx1-1/2" nails 22 $0.01 $0.22
Subtotal     $34.21
Sales tax     $2.31
Labor hrs 8 $0.00 $0.00
Total     $36.52
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