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Instructions for building a mini teeter totter like the one pictured below. Remember to hover over images to enlarge them.


The Humans

Step 1: Make the teeter mounts from the 2x2. The images show the dimensions and the final product. Remember hover the mouse over the images to enlarge them. These would be hard to make without a drill press as an alternative hangers for ½" plumbing pipe could probably be adapted.

Step 2: Attach the teeter mounts to the deck. Start by finding the center of the deck (1x12) and drawing a line across the center. Next mark 4 points that are 1" above and below the center line and 2¾" from the edges. Drill at the four marked points through the deck with a 3/16 drill. Use a 3/8" drill bit to create a counter sink area (place for the screw head to recess into). Now mark the mounts 1" from the end and at the center (7/8" from the edge), drill this with a 1/8" drill. Now attach both mounts to the deck with a deck screw, do not fully tighten. Insert a piece of PVC pipe through the mounts and verify it rotates freely, once this is done you can drill a 1/8" hole in the mount through the hole in the deck. Insert the other screw and tighten all screws. Pipe should still rotate freely.

Step 3: Cut the PVC pipe to the necessary lengths to build the base.

  • 4 pieces 8" long

  • 4 pieces 4" long 5" long

  • 2 pieces 5" long

Step 4: Assemble the base and attach the base to the mounts. See images for exploded view of base and attaching base to the mounts.

Step 5: Attach the carpet to the deck. Cut out a piece of carpet slightly wider than the deck surface and about a half foot longer. Lay the deck on the carpet centered. Fold the end of the carpet around the deck to the back and staple there. Then on the other end fold the carpet over and staple. Trim off the excess carpet with a utility knife. Your mini teeter is now completed.

Part Qty. Ea. Total
4' 1x12 1 $4.07 $4.07
8' 2x2 1 $1.58 $1.58
½" x 10' PVC pipe 1 $1.68 $1.68
½" 90 degree elbows 6 $0.46 $2.75
½" 4 way Tees ( 2 $1.40 $2.80
Carpet square feet 4 $0.49 $1.96
2½" deck screws 4 $0.04 $0.16
Subtotal     $15.00
Sales tax     $1.13
Labor hrs 3 $0.00 $0.00
Total     $16.13
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