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This tire jump is somewhat transportable, light weight, and allows for jumps of 4" to 28" (tire opening to ground).

Completed tire jump

The Humans

PVC cutting

Step 1: Cut the 3 10' PVC pipes into the required lengths (Note: Easiest to do with a ratcheting pvc pipe cutter < $10 for a cheap one):

  • 2 x 25.5" pieces for the top and bottom

  • 2 x 48" pieces for the sides

  • 2 x 17.5" pieces for the vertical supports

  • 4 x 18" pieces for the legs

  • 1 x 20" piece for the crossbar

  • 4 x 1.5" pieces for connectors (Slightly < 1.5" works best).

Step 2: Bore out 4 tee connectors to 7/8" so they slide on a 1/2" PVC pipe (Note: Can also purchase from a place like - see slip/sling fittings)

Step 3: Drill two small 3/32" holes on the back of the two remaining tee connectors "Red arrows" (NOT the slip/sliders).

Step 4: Drill two small 3/32" holes on the back of the two 90 degree elbows "Green arrows".

Step 5: Cement (with PVC cement for plumbing) a slip tee and a tee with holes on the bottom together with a connector pipe piece. Then do the other slip and tee.

Step 6: Cement a slip tee and a 90 degree elbow together with a connector pipe piece.  Then do the other slip and 90 degree elbow.

Step 7: Assemble the PVC pieces together to form the full frame.  Use the exploded view photo to the left for guidance on how the pieces fit together. (Note Nothing besides the connector pieces require cementing. If you decide to cement the entire thing I suggest not cementing the crossbar.)

Step 8: Stuff the bicycle tire cavity with the old vacuum cleaner hose (This is for safety so the rabbit does not get its legs/feet caught in the tire cavity).

Step 9: Attach the tire to the frame with four mini bungee cords.  The cords wrap around the tire and hook into the small holes you drilled in the tees and elbows.

Step 10: Attach a cap to one end of each leg piece.

Step 11: Attach the legs to the frame.

Step 12: Slide the tire section all the way down  and place a mark on the side pipes where the top slip tee is.  Mark this as a 4" jump.

Step 13: Use a tape measurer and mark ever two inches up the sides.  This will allow you to easily set and see how high the tire jump is.


Note I build for portability which means lite.  1/2" PVC is fairly flexible and probably not suited for large rabbits or dogs.  I would suggest instead using 1" pipe I believe the only thing that would change is the length of the top and bottom pipes which would need to be increased by 1".

Part Qty. Ea. Total
1/2" x 10' PVC pipe  3 $1.68 $5.04
1/2" 90 degree elbows 4 $0.35 $1.40
1/2" PVC tees 2 $0.46 $0.92
1/2" Slip/Sling tees (or T-L or T-Ell) 4 $1.40 $5.60
1/2" 4 way Tees ( 2 $1.40 $2.80
1/2" Caps 4 $0.36 $1.44
Mini bungee cords 4 $0.30 $1.20
Bungee cord 1 $4.00 $4.00
20" used bicycle tire 1 $7.00 $7.00
Used vacuum hose 1 $0.00 $0.00
Subtotal     $29.40
Sales tax     $2.06
Labor hrs. 3 $0.00 $0.00
Total     $31.46
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