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Time for the first jump.

I know you have dreams of your bun jumping higher than 36"/1m or longer than 10'/3m breaking all the world records however this is not where you start. The first jump should only be about 3"/7cm. You don't need all kinds of equipment for this first jump just improvise with household items. Here is how you do it; position your bun in front of the jump, kneel down by your bun and use your hands to block any attempt to go around the jump or knock the rail off. Maybe a little butt tickling or butt pressure to get your bun moving and over the jump the bun goes. For stubborn buns place the front paws on top of the rail. Remember it is very important to provide positive reinforcement when the bun jumps and to say the word jump. This is a picture of Greycee by a improvised jump which is nothing more than a couple food cans and a ruler. This is really the wrong kind of flooring, nails can be caught in this type of rug, but at this height I don't really see an issue.

The Humans

1st Jump
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