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Leash work

The leash should be regarded as similar to horse reins. Remember our program has its foundation in horse training. The recommendation is to use a non stretching leash of approximately 6 feet (2 meters).

The leash (reins) are used to SIT (whoa) your rabbit, there was an earlier post on this usage. They can also be used to assist foot cues and vocal commands for turns and to help regain control if your rabbit bolts. There is a technique to holding your leash to allow the most flexibility as a handler.

In photo 1 the handler has the leash wrapped around the fingers and wrist this presents all kinds of problems. It takes far too long to unravel the leash when necessary, for instance do you plan on following your bun through tunnels and tire jumps? It is also dangerous for your bun because there is not enough leash to do moderate to large jumps.

In photo 2 the handler has the leash handle around the wrist this is no better than wrapping the leash and presents the same problems.

In photo 3 the handler has too much leash to allow any control over the bun and the dragging part presents dangers if stepped on or if it gets snagged on agility equipment.

In photo 4 the technique is good. The handler has pinch holds on the leash in two spots, at the end and a spot in the middle that makes the leash short enough to allow control. Since the holds are only a pinch on the leash more leash can easily be let out for jumps (release the left hand pinch only) as the rabbit goes over the obstacle. For tunnels and tire jumps the entire leash can be easily released or unpinch left, repinch left, unpinch right, repinch right.

Time to get to work on your leash technique.

The Humans

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