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I've mastered BBFF, HOP, and SIT now what?

Now it is time to work on Left and Right.

Foot cues are the base for making turns. What you do for a right turn is slide your left foot/ankle toward the left side of the buns head when done correctly you will see the head turn to the right. This may require very very light pressure to the side of the face to get the head turn. For Left turns just use your right foot/ankle on the right side of the buns head.

Remember to slide your foot and not to step in. A step in greatly increases the chances of kicking or stepping on your bun and injuring it. It can also look like you are kicking the bun to onlookers who probably won't approve.

Remember to give the verbal commands Left and Right when using the foot cues and provide positive reinforcement when the bun completes the requested turn.

This is a picture of Belle being given the right turn foot cue although this is somewhat exagerated and the photo should have been taken after the head turned. This should give you the basic idea of how to use foot cues for a turn.

Have FUN!!

The Humans

Left and Right
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