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Memorial to Dell Robbins and special thanks to Barb Kelley.

Dell Robbins was the designer of the rabbit agility program we use here. Dell was a horse trainer and noted the similarities between rabbits and horses to build her program. If you have worked with horses I am sure you will see similarities between this rabbit training program and horse training. She originally designed the program to work with 4H but wanted the program to be available to everybody. About a decade ago while teaching her first none 4H group of students Dell passed away from breast cancer. I personally never met Dell but wanted to say thank you.

Dell also wrote a book on rabbit agility it is call "Rabbit Agility! What's that?", I have read it, it is a decent read. Last I looked it can be found on Lulu in three different versions downloadable PDF $2.50, Black and White paperback $8.18, and Color paperback $18.60

Enter Barb Kelley Dell's friend, a student in Dell's first group, and a fellow horse trainer. Without Barb the program would have ended with Dell's passing but Barb resurrected the program. Barb provided all the energy, research, promotion, teaching, and volunteer coordination to move the program forward. Barb was also the key player in starting our Hoppy Hour and Therapy programs. Thank you for everything my friend.

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