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Agility can be dangerous for both buns and humans. Jumping immoveable objects is strongly discourage unless they are very short (< 4"/10cm). A missed jump with a high immoveable object will result in the bun landing on its back or smacking the back of its head. Rails that don't dislodge on missed jumps will also result in the bun landing on its back. Leashes when used have many dangers in particular short leashing on jumps (e.g. bun gets pulled back while attempt a jump because they don't have enough leash to complete the jump), I have seen this result in permanent back injuries. Leashes can also become tangled around body parts and get caught on agility equipment leading to all sorts of injuries. Dislodged rails can also be a hazard if stepped on by human or bun. Moving about requires care be taken not to step on a buns paw or trip over one. The agility equipment should be designed so it will not fall on the bun. Agility equipment should not have places where a bun's leg can be caught or sharp edges. The floor should not be slippery or allow a bun's nails to catch. Don't use any materials that would be dangerous if nibbled/eaten. On bigger jumps think about the landing area it might be in need of some padding. Bottom line if your making agility equipment or improvising equipment give some detailed thought to possible accidents that could occur to both yourself and your bun(s). Happy Jumping!!

The Humans

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